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DAINSevolve is part of the well-respected and long-established firm, Dains Accountants Limited. The dedicated service supports clients with professional commercial services, including cloud accounting, tax and corporate finance. DAINSevolve guides clients through the financial challenges of the business world, helping them discover the bigger picture. The company provides everything needed to succeed with real-time data to make informed financial business decisions.


Brand Launch
Logo & Brand Identity
Website Design
Web Intro Video
Digital & Printed Marketing Assets (Zoom BGs / Publication Ads On & Offline / Motorway Billboard Ad / Pullup Banners


The new DAINSevolve service required an original brand to act as an extension of the existing Dains brand.

The brand needed to distinguish itself from Dains Accountants Limited using a bespoke colour palette. The remit was to be dynamic using fresh appeal and a forward-thinking approach to attract SME businesses looking to progress.

Our challenge was to create a brand aligned with the Dains DNA (core values) that inspired a feeling of confidence and assured the ability to steer an aspiring SME company for success.


An innovational brand identity established a new logo, website, digital and printed marketing materials and adverts, from online media and magazines to motorway billboards, and supported the brand launch for ongoing success.

Developing the Brand Identity:

As an existing client, Revive Creative already had a good idea of the ideal clients Dains were looking to attract with its new service, values and purpose. Working closely with the marketing team and stakeholder input, Revive Creative developed the brand identity to convey forward thinking values. Target clientele imagery in situ, enjoying their day-to-day business, represented the achievements from working with DAINSevolve “by your side for the journey”. The clean, flat and vivid colours appealed to the contrast of the business.

The Logo:

The identity created makes it easy to keep all forms of digital and printed media on-brand and  ensures marketing is agile and up to date. This is echoed across the website and an introductory brochure which are clean and fresh.

This project was challenging in itself just to write the brief for Damian as there we quite a few opinions to deal with, but between us we managed to get a brand that worked alongside the existing Dains brand and that reflected the revised service offering to potential and existing clients.
Jennie Sanders – DAINS EVOLVE

The brand was launched online via a countdown campaign and accompanying advertisements in the press, industry magazines and even a motorway billboard next to one of the M6’s busiest spots.

Our new brand reflects the direction of the business and how we wish to be perceived and we are looking forward to taking the overall Dains Brand on a similar journey this year to bring it up to date and in line with the aspirations of the firm. Damien is a pleasure to work with and due to working together for some time now we have a great relationship and collaboration is easy.
Jennie Sanders – DAINS EVOLVE

The Colour Palette:

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Like what you see?

We’d love to see if we are a good fit for developing a thriving brand for you

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