First impressions last

First impressions last

Appearance counts for a lot in today’s world and first impressions last.

Look at one of many sayings we use, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ or the fact that interviewers make up their minds in the first twenty seconds of meeting a candidate whether they like them or not.

Everyone is conscious of just how important appearance is, if it didn’t matter, we wouldn’t dress up for special events or invest substantial amounts on sprucing up our homes. Our sense of individual design is visible every single day in the way we dress, right through to the workplace in the design of our emails, our documents, our presentations, even our ring tone is personalised.

In business too - first impressions last - equally you are likely to judge somebody automatically if they arrived to a meeting in a tracksuit, you’ll also be judging a business by its appearance. As a result it’s extremely important that businesses visually keep up-to-date and strive to be ahead of their competitors in their specific markets, and an integral part of this leads businesses to invest in good, sound design and working with the right design agency for their business.

In an interview with Fortune Magazine, the late Steve Jobs said:
“Design is the fundamental soul of a human-made creation that ends up expressing itself in successive outer layers of the product.”

It’s perceived that what Jobs implied is the fact that good design in a business flows much deeper than simply the superficial exterior that attracts customers inside, for example a shop or restaurant. If we’re applying a coffee shop for example – the authentic interior design of your shop exudes a great first impression to your customers, without a doubt, but it also communicates strategy, sets your customers’ expectations, it really helps to bond and unite the staff members working there (and pull in future talent) as well as inspire and motivate them to genuinely promote and sell your brand experience to customers.

Investing in the brand and design of your organization will not only make a good impression on your customers, make you memorable if not unforgettable and help you to stand out from the crowd, but it should also provide an important impact on your employees and team. This lesson is relevant to all businesses and organisations, across all market sectors. Design is omnipresent and it needs to feature and function throughout everything in your company, not just on the exterior. In a super competitive market place, well designed products and services are genuinely what is going to distinguish and separate your business from another especially in what can still be described as an exceptionally difficult climate.

In the strive for ‘survival of the fittest’ make sure that your business is investing in and committing to the brand and design of everything you do and are, don’t cut corners on the detail – as it might well be what keeps you in the game for the long run. 

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