10 reasons why every business needs good design

10 reasons why every business needs good design

#1 Branding

Inspire confidence in your brand with good design throughout your business.
A great brand design with initial impact, backed up with structure and uniformity that resonates to your target audience will automatically help make you stand out from the crowd and engage with customers.


#2 Conversion: 

Good design creates a great first impression - that lasts.
Similar to the #1 branding, this initial engagement will help solidify a trust element, in turn converting and creating valued customers.


#3 Marketing: 

Avoid the crowd with good design, setting your business apart from the competition.
Unique design inspires confidence that you know your product and more importantly your audiences needs. Being unique and where possible different in your marketing will provide your customers with something to talk about and recommend your band and products to others.

#4 Sales: 

Good design creates loyalty and keeps you memorable without forcing your message on customers
Great design  being easy to read and well laid out helps provide a less ‘salesy’ approach, leading customers to concentrate on what you provide.


#5 Recruitment: 

Good design attracts like minded employees.
Every business needs great people. Great design selling your brands vision could be the difference to attract candidates in to your position versus a competitor. Employee engagement through design helps form a strong bond, retaining staff reduces employee turnover.

#6 Asset: 

Building your brand to make it a valuable asset with good design.
Cultivating your brand through good design forms a strong impression for investors and will grow your business as a sellable asset, should you wish to in the future.

#7 Audience: 

Good design grows your brand’s audience.
Everybody needs an audience to speak/sell too. Create ‘chatter’ through confident design throughout your business and grow your audience.

#8: Consistency: 

Create familiarity and loyalty for your business with good consistent design.
Consistant design is imperative and when fully integrated across all of your companies assets it becomes highly recognisable at the most fleeting of glances. Make your brand familiar and memorable through constant design and loyalty will be provided by staff internally and customers externally.

#9 Finance: 

Every £100 a business spends on good design increases turnover by £225. Design council.
The design council undertook an extensive study to prove that investing in good design is crucial to return on investment. Spend wisely on design and the value will help your profits rise.

#10 Reputation: 

Good design enhances your businesses reputation.
A strong confident design, integrated into all your brand and marketing touch points will help solidify your reputation. Consistency in your design will inspire confidence and build reputation amongst current, new and future clients.

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