What should I include in my company brochure?

What should I include in my company brochure?

It’s about your business and brand.

Ask vital questions of your business “What are we selling?” and “Whom are we selling it to?”. This should be the starting point for the brochure and to further define your target audience and make sure you reach them. “Is your brochure directed to an individual consumer using it’s influence to choose your product or service?” “Is it directed at a bigger company to choose you as a manufacturing partner?” “Do you need to direct it towards the general public to highlight your businesses environmental credentials and stance or your corporate responsibilities?”

The aim of the brochure is to illicit a response from the person viewing:- to purchase a product or service; order a widget: a response to ask for more information; to learn something essential about a new product or service, etc. etc.

Make sure the purpose remains compatible throughout, especially if the brochure is about one or more products or services.

Make it about your business.
Who you really are and why should they trust you?

Keep true to your brand.
Don’t over sell or embellish. Every person that ends up being disappointed with what you provide compared to what is said will be willing to turn people away from you.

Look professional.
Don’t skimp on photography, design, copy, layout or if printing the material it is printed on, if it’s app based make sure it works. Use professional’s where possible. What people end up with in their hand or to view will be a reflection on your business. If it’s professional then it projects professionalism, if it’s not professional, well what would you expect of the brand your viewing?

Catch the eye.
Great copy, interesting or well shot images, laid out easy to read, follow and projected to the right audience, a call to action and all relevant contact details including social media.

Create interest.
If possible and where necesary be entertaining. Add warmth or a surprise, make it something they want to pick up again (and again) or show to somebody else. This will go along way towards getting that response.

Get results.
Always record how people came across what you are selling, ask if it was it the brochure that influenced the sale. If it was the brochure what influenced the most and could anything of been improved. Useful information to take forward to the next brochure when it's time for a refresh or you introduce a new product.