So, what makes a brand a great brand?

So, what makes a brand a great brand?

Virtually every company has a name, a logo, a set of colour ways and sometimes a strap line etc. But what really works and makes a brand stand up and be successful and what makes another in the same market sector flop? Is it due to a big budget for marketing, is it clever marketing, the right pricing or that all important superior customer experience?

Something that I have been taught from day one (back in 1996) was that something about your company or brand needs to stand out. It needs to be the go to brand to be truly successful.

Back then one of the first brands I worked on was Polycell, they were and still are brand leaders in the DIY market and when it comes to filling holes in walls, most people think "Polyfilla". Other popular go to brands that immediately come to mind. Think "google it" for web searches because they make it so easy - look at the home page nothing stands out better than the search box. Think "BMW" for luxury executive motoring. Think "Nike" for sports - just do it! It used to be "Hoover up" but Dyson has well and truly crashed that party. Apple for computing - because it works right out of the box.

A strong brand will undoubtably lead the way across almost every sector for there particular approach to the market they are in.

Identify what you are offering as a company or brand, note what services and products you offer. Are your unique selling points your major strength? IS it possible to try and combine these into your name or trademark. Think Tesco "every little helps", suggesting shopping with them and their pricing will help your pocket.

The company image, personality, energy and desirability help a brand become a great brand. If they have all of these and are willing to embrace the next step forward even before the customer knows they want it, they are destined to succeed.

A desirable brands product will generally be the first on the shelf and the first off and through the checkouts. The company itself will draw the best talent and more than likely the best publicity. A great example is Apple. Due to their phenomenal brand status, such was the hype of the iPad they made us believe we needed an over sized iPhone in the form of an iPad - and didn't we just - over 200 million iPads sold by June 2014. With a brand like that, how easy do you think it will be to launch the iWatch - I want one already. I have a phone which tells me the time and a couple of watches that I haven't used for a long while because I have the phone with the time on it. But I think I will have a watch back on my wrist come next Summer.

As mentioned before, this desirability in a brand makes a brand a great brand. There is one in each sector of virtually every market, take at look at your market and your products, see how other people have made great brands, then do what you are best at and if the opportunity arises - raise the bar and create a great brand of your own.